Special for Memorial Day! Buy “Words from a mother in Mourning. How to protect your child from drugs” for only $4.00 plus .28 cents tax and get free shipping. And I’ll gift you a kindle edition. Contact me for more information at: mirikal1210@gmail.com and put “Memorial Day” on the subject line so I don’t miss it.

Welcome to Her star forever shines: Sara’s time on earth. A part of Mirikal Books, this site is dedicated to my daughter in an effort to help prevent further deaths from drugs.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Visit the Mental Health page for information about mental illness and how to recognize the signs of when someone may need your help.

If you are a parent in today’s complex world and need some support, guidance, or some where to express your frustrations, you’ve come to the right place.

Do you know of any groups that might be interested in providing copies of “Words from a mother in mourning. How to protect your child from drugs” to their community? I am offering it at a discount rate (through me) so that more parents will have access to it. Please have them send an email to me at mirikal1210@gmail.com. I will be glad to work with anyone who is interested in making a difference and fight this drug epidemic that has taken too many of our loved ones.